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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Help the Ohio Valley Tea Party Welcome Obama in Youngstown Visit

From the Ohio Valley Tea Party --

Barack Obama will be in Youngstown on Tuesday at V&M Star Steel according to a Business Journal article.


According to the article, he will be speaking at approximately 1:30pm. So if you are available, it would be great to give him a Tea Party welcome. Bring plenty of signs and please remember to keep them clean and civil. I have also been informed that the workers at the plant have been encouraged to stay home from work that day. (For whatever that is worth)
Please remember this is intended to be a peaceful demonstration / protest of agenda, policy and performance not the person.

“Love the sinner, hate the sin” if you will. News crews will be on hand so please be careful what you say or do.

Here is a link to a Yahoo Map to help you find the place. Hope to see you there!http://maps.yahoo.com/#mvt=m&lat=41.12637&lon=-80.679804&zoom=14&tt=V%26M%20Star&tp=1&ioride=us&q1=2669%20Martin%20Luther%20King%20Jr.%20Blvd.%20Youngstown%2C%20oh


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