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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Reason # 745, 329 a Community Organizer shouldn't be President

Spreading around money that we don't have, President Mo' Money has pledged $124 Million for the new Caribbean Basin Security Initiative (CBSI). These funds will be used to combat illegal drug trafficking, strengthen regional defense and provide employment training & educational opportunities for the general public and at-risk youth in Caribbean states.

Even more alarming than this is that in ignoring our sky-rocketing unemployment rates, our national security & the regional defense of our one friend in the Middle East, BHO is giving $400 Million of our money that we don't have to a known terrorist group!

From the Washington Times --
Calling the situation in the Gaza Strip "unsustainable," President Obama on Wednesday said the Israeli blockade of the area should be curbed to focus only on weapons and separately announced a new $400 million aid package to help the Palestinian people there and in the West Bank.

Mr. Obama made the comments after meeting with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas in the Oval Office, where the two said they discussed how to allow more goods and services into the region, which has been the target of an airtight blockade by Israel aimed at preventing arms shipments.

Mr. Obama faulted the blockade for barring basic supplies from flowing into Gaza, though he acknowledged Israel's interest in keeping rockets out of the hands of the militant Hamas movement. He said that "there should be ways of focusing narrowly on arms shipments, rather than focusing in a blanket way on stopping everything."
Besides his presidency being consistent with a full frontal assault on our Constitution & is "unsustainable" to us keeping our rights protected within this contract, BHO is ignoring warnings from Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke that his out of control spending & the ever increasing federal entitlement programs equal to $53 trillion in unfunded liabilities are also "unsustainable" and has our country barreling down the path to an unrecoverable financial ruin.

Implying Isreal's blockade has the poor residents of Gaza fighting for food scraps with rats in the street is nothing more than state-sponsored propaganda. Gazan market shelves filled with food, children's toys, Olympic sized-swimming pools and 5-star like restaurants can hardly be considered an airtight blockade.

By clicking here, you can see pictures that show this is hardly the humanitarian crisis as being portrayed by President Obama -- our Fabricator in Chief.

Even some of Obama's supporters are questioning the truthfulness of his claims and are taking issue with his giving away our money to a known terrorist group that has sworn the destruction of Israel.....
It is one thing to send aid to a country. But it's another to pledge aid to an area run by known terrorists. That is exactly what President Barack Obama has done. (Kentucky Democrat Blog)

Agreeing with Rep. Mike Pence, one has to question exactly who's side this guy is on!

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