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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Congress wants ANOTHER $1 Billion for Teen Jobs

After pledging $124 Million for the new Caribbean Basin Security Initiative (CBSI), which besides other things will provide employment training & educational opportunities for the general public and at-risk youth in Caribbean states, our "we got ink - print some more money" lefties in Congress are looking to finally help out of work American teens by spending $1 billion over 10 years to fund 350,000 summer jobs for teenagers and young adults ages 14 through 24.

But are the really helping?

Last years Stimulus put $1.2 Billion towards creating jobs for youths, as we can see, like most of the break the bank spending coming out of D.C. -- it didn't work....

From ABC News --
The "American Jobs and Closing Tax Loopholes Act," sponsored by Rep. Charles Rangel (D-N.Y.), comes during high levels of youth unemployment. In July 2009, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported the national youth unemployment rate between ages 16 and 24 was 18.5 percent, the highest since the statistics were first recorded in 1948.

"I hope logic will prevail," New York State Labor Commissioner Colleen Gardner, pushing for its passage, told ABCNews.com. "We can't just look at it as a billion dollars, we're looking at the future of young people and an economic development tool because the money goes to economies in our United States."

Gardner hopes logic will prevail out of this shell game? Exactly what logic is that -- Teach children that it is our government that is supposed to create jobs? It sounds more like indoctrinating children with the thoughts that it is the purpose of our government to be the almighty creator of jobs. This is nothing more than buying future votes for socialist "of the state, by the state" policies.

This money being taken out of our economy NOT going into it. If teens were hired by businesses needing summer help or filling part time positions because of increased consumer spending -- it would be money going into the economy.

It also appears Gardner is using the same failed math calculations created for the current & often incorrect estimates of the Administration for current adult job creation which would be the same math President Obama used to get 57 States (48+2=57) for the amount of teen jobs created if this bill passes....
If the bill passes, Gardner said it could create 20,000 summer jobs in New York, where unemployment between ages 16 and 24 is at 17.9 percent with a statewide general rate of 8.6 percent. Apart from good habits, Gardner added that summer jobs were also important for the local economy because many teens often quickly turn around to spend that money in their own community, showing what's called "high-velocity dollars."

Jobs for teenagers and young adults are being swept away now by a perfect storm of dwindling stimulus money for youth employment and slim state revenues. "It's a combination of factors that's hitting at the same time," said Jonathan Larsen, policy associate at the National Youth Employment Coalition, noting that last year's stimulus tapped $1.2 billion for youth jobs.

The perfect storm Larsen refers to is a man-made disaster -- a perfect $53 trillion & growing man-made storm of disastrous proportions created by unsustainable entitlement spending & bankrupting the future of the "blinded by bailout dollars" teens they are supposed to be helping. In effect they are creating a generation of how will the government help me now teens that will be like indentured servants to the same government that supposedly helped them get a job!

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