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Monday, July 5, 2010

A New Money Machine for Policy Makers: The Plastic Bag Tax

When first reading the headline about taxing plastic bags I thought what a novel idea. Surely we could support a tax that would promote limiting the "plastic faced bag" of the left -- Nancy Pelosi.

Upon further reading it was discovered this is really just another "money-grabbing" sin tax....

From ABC News --
Who knew the lightweight disposable sacks, which millions of shoppers use every day to lug home groceries and take-out, could help states bring in much needed revenue.

Starting next year, Seattle residents will pay for disposable bags at stores.

At least, that's what some policymakers have proposed. Only one US city – Washington, D.C. – has successful instituted a plastic bag tax, but at least 13 other states are considering one.

The plastic bag tax represents an expansion of so-called sin taxes, which have existed, in some form, since George Washington's whiskey tax.

This year, several states have increased sin taxes, especially cigarette taxes, to raise revenues. But more plastic bag taxes seem unlikely – two cities, Fairbanks, Alaska, and Seattle, Wash., have both repealed plastic bag taxes shortly after approving them in recent years. More...

We would still support a Anti-Pelosi Tax!

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