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Monday, July 5, 2010

Butler County GOP Supports Immigration Reform for OH

It sure is nice to see a county Republican party from OH being proactive in the fight against illegal immigration....

From the Fairfield -Echo --
The Butler County GOP passed a resolution at its organizational meeting Wednesday, June 30, commending Sheriff Richard Jones and State Rep. Courtney Combs for their efforts regarding immigration reform.

In the resolution, party members praised Jones and Combs for their efforts to secure the nation’s border and added that “this part commits to assist them in that goal.”

Jones and Combs have vowed to bring immigration reform to Ohio by putting a citizens initiative before the Ohio General Assembly next year. If lawmakers don’t act on it, the issue could go to voters in November 2011.

Their goal is a bill in Ohio that “mirrors” the Arizona law that requires local law enforcement to question anyone detained in the enforcement of another law about his or her immigration status if there’s reasonable suspicion that person is in the country illegally.

If you are aware of another Republican or Democrat county party standing up for OH residents by combating illegal immigration please notify us so they too can be commended.

For Tea Party & 9.12 members that have recently joined Central and/or Executive Committee positions on a county party, ask that your county party do the same.

Locally, we will be asking the candidates running for Cuyahoga County Executive their position on illegal immigration -- Should the Federal Immigration Laws be enforced? Do they support the above initiative?

Seeing that some of the candidates for County Executive are either unkowns (Lanci & Voinovich), bought & paid for by the local unions (Fitzgerald) or a liberal in conservative clothing (Dolan), it is important we know where they stand on this important issue and what they will do about it if elected.

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