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Thursday, November 4, 2010

2010 Election Results

Patriots.... November 2nd came and we met the challenge head on!  On both fronts, national & statewide, you can be proud of your hard efforts as we work to restore Fiscal Responsibility, Constitutionally Limited Government and support of the Free Markets.

Picking up a minimum of 60 House seats (9 still undecided at time of this posting) guarantees Nancy Pelosi will no longer be Speaker of the House! Here in OH, we knocked out 5 Nancy Pelosi puppets from their Congressional seats;
  • District 1; Challenger Steve Chabot (R) beat incumbent Steve Driehaus (D) 52% to 45%
  • District 6; Challenger Bill Johnson (R) unseated incumbent Charlie Wilson (D) 50% to 45%
  • District 15; Challenger Steve Stivers (R) destroyed incumbent Mary Jo Kilroy (D) 54% to 40%
  • District 16; Challenger Jim Renacci (R) bested incumbent John Boccieri (D) 52% to 41%
  • District 18; Challenger Bob Gibbs (R) trounced incumbent Zack Space (D) 54% to 40%
Rob Portman (R) handily defeated Lt. Governor Lee Fisher for the seat of retiring Senator George Voinovich with 57% to 39%.

In a total takeover of Ohio, the Republicans took every State Office AND won back control of the OH House. Hopefully, presumed to be the next OH House Speaker, Bill Batchelder will be a better leader in the majority than he was as minority leader.

But these newly elected officials must understand this election was not about getting Republicans elected to office as much as it was about getting rid if big spending, big government loving politicians who failed and refused to hear the American public.  They must realize, should they fail to do what they were elected to do -- they too can be replaced.

Failing to "Turn Around Ohio", Ted Strickland was defeated by John Kasich in a hard fought Governor's race. Though it appeared this race should have been a no-brainer, it went down to the wire with Kasich ultimately prevailing over Strickland 49% to 47%.

In the race for OH Attorney General, Mike DeWine (R) carried the day with a slim defeat of incumbent OH AG Dick Cordray (D) 48% to 46%. This race was critical in our fight against Obamacare being repealed. (We will explain why in a later post).

Thwarting the efforts of George Soro's plan to take over the Secretary of State offices, John Husted (R) delivered a crushing blow with a 54% to 40% victory over Maryellen O'Shaughnessy (D) for outgoing Democrat incumbent Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner's seat.

In a mud-slinging contest by both sides, OH Rep. Josh Mandell (R) beat out incumbent Kevin Boyce (D) for State Treasurer 55% to 40% and Dave Yost (R) beat David Peppers (D) 50% to 45% for the open State Auditor seat.

While we congratulate the winners, and we will be sending them a message that, "we will be watching you as close as we did the Democrats you defeated," we offer a patriotic tip of a Tri-Corner Hat to the candidates who were unsuccessful in their bids to stop the big government and out-of-control spending incumbents.  We offer the advice of -- run again!  Do not waste the personal investment and hard work of your volunteers.

For a current election map with the results of all the Congress, Senate & Governor races in the U.S. click here. For vote totals & results in Ohio, click here.

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