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Monday, November 22, 2010

ACTION ALERT: Stop The Sewer Rate Increase (Part 2)


In Part 1 of this Stop the Sewer Rate Increase Action Alert (click here to read) the contact information for the NEORSD Sewer Board members & EPA are listed.  Please continue contacting the Board members and the EPA with your concerns about the proposed sewer rate increase, the lack of transparency in the process & the complete disregard of public accountability shown by the NEORSD Board members.

You can also click here to leave comments on the NEORSD website.

Joining the Village of Macedonia, City of Middleburg Hts, City of Lyndhurst, and the City of Broadview Hts. -- the City of Strongsville has also passed a Resolution supporting the 1yr Moratorium. Please contact the Mayor & Council of your city and request they do the same. Click here to find the contact information for the 63 communities serviced by the NEORSD.

Our immediate task at hand is to have the Sewer Board pass a 1yr Moratorium on the propsoed increase.  This starting to gain traction and currently more cities are taking the steps of passing Resolutions supporting the request for a 1yr Moratorium. Besides expressing disgust over the NEORSD Board members actions, State Senator Tim Grendell & State Senator Tom Patton have also joined us in requesting a 1yr Moratorium.

Please contact the below elected and 'elect' officials and request they also stand for the people and support the 1yr Moratorium.  When contacting the below officials with this initial request we encourage you to be cordial in expressing your concerns.  Officials expressing the willingness to join us & support the 1yr Moratorium can email their public statement of support to clevelandteaparty@gmail.com.

Note: To make emailing easier at the end of the contact info for the below OH Reps & OH Senators their email addresses have been listed together so you can cut, copy & paste them into your email browser.

Cuyahoga County Executive & Council

Ed Fitzgerald (County Executive)
PH: (216) 529-6600
Email: mayor@lakewoodoh.net

Dave Greenspan (District 1)
Will Review & Respond

State Senator Dale Miller (District 2)
(REFUSES to Support Moratorium)
PH: (614)466-5123
PH: (216) 252-7827

Dan Brady (District 3)
Email: daniel.r.brady@gmail.com

Chuck Germana (District 4)
??? Undecided ???
PH: (440)882-2013
Email: chuck.germana@gmail.com

Michael Gallagher (District 5)
Supports Request for Moratorium

Jack Schron (District 6)
Unavailable to Contact

Yvonne Conwell (District 7)
Click Here to Email

Pernell Jones Jr. (District 8)
Will Respond Monday

C. Ellen Connolly (District 9)
PH: (216)321-2705
Email: ellenconnally@gmail.com

Julian Rogers (District 10)
Will Review & Respond

Sunny Simon (District 11)
Unavailable until Nov. 30th
Email: simonsunnys@aol.com

OH House Members

(Cuyahoga County Area)

Rep. Kenny Yuko (District 7)
PH: (614)466-8012
FX: (614)719-0007
Email: district07@ohr.state.oh.us

Rep. Armond Budish (District 8)
PH: (614) 466-5441
FX: (614) 719-0008
Email: district08@ohr.state.oh.us

Rep. Barbara Boyd (District 9)
PH: (614) 644-5079
FX: (614) 719-0009
Email: district09@ohr.state.oh.us

Rep. Robin Belcher (District 10)
PH: (614)466-7954
FX: (614)719-0010
Email: district10@ohr.state.oh.us

Rep.-Elect Bill Patmon (District 10)
PH: (216)861-7368

Rep. Sandra Williams (District 11)
PH: (614) 466-1414
FX: (614) 719-0011
Email: district11@ohr.state.oh.us

Rep. Michael DeBose (District 12)
PH: (614)466-1408
FX: (614)719-3912
Email: district12@ohr.state.oh.us

Rep.-Elect John Barnes (District 12)
Email: info@barnesforohio.com
Email: john@barnesforohio.com
Email: andrew@barnesforohio.com

Rep. Michael Skindell (District 13)
PH: (614)466-5921
FX: (614)719-3913
Email: district13@ohr.state.oh.us

Rep.-Elect Nickie Antonio (District 13)
PH: (216)529-6055
PH: (216)221-4421
Email: nickieantonio@aol.com

Rep. Mike Foley (District 14)
PH: (614)466-3350
FX: (614)719-3910
Email: district14@ohr.state.oh.us

Rep. Timothy DeGeeter (District 15)
PH: (614) 466-3485
FX: (614) 719-3911
Email: district15@ohr.state.oh.us

Rep. Nan Baker (District 16)
PH: (614)466-0961
FX: (614)719-3998
Email: district16@ohr.state.oh.us

Rep. Josh Mandel (District 17)
PH: (614)644-6041
FX: (614)719-6956
Email: district17@ohr.state.oh.us

Rep.-Elect Marlene Anielski (District 17)
Email: Marlene@marlene4ohio.com

Rep. Matt Patten (District 18)
PH: (614)466-4895
FX: (614)719-6957
Email: district18@ohr.state.oh.us

Rep.-Elect Mike Dovilla (District 18)
PH: (440)973-7111
Email: mike@dovillaforohio.com

Rep. Richard Hollington (District 98)
PH: (614) 644-5088
FX: (614) 719-6998
Email: district98@ohr.state.oh.us

Rep.-Elect Tim Grendell (District 98)
Supports Request for Moratorium

(Lake County Area)

Rep. Lorain Fende (District 62)
PH: (614)466-7251
FX: (614)719-3962
Email: district62@ohr.state.oh.us

(Lorain County Area)

Rep. Matt Lundy (District 57)
PH: (614)644-5076
FX: (614)719-3957
Email: district57@ohr.state.oh.us

(Summit County Area)

Rep. Brian Williams (District 41)
PH: (614)644-5085
FX: (614)719-6941
Email: district41@ohr.state.oh.us

Rep.-Elect Lynn Slaby (District 41)
Email: slaby4rep@aol.com

Rep. Mike Moran (District 42)
PH: (614)466-1177
FX: (614)719-6942
Email: district42@ohr.state.oh.us

Rep.-Elect Kristina Roegner (District 42)
PH: (330)920-8455

Cut, Copy & Paste into your email for quick sending the above OH Representatives...
district07@ohr.state.oh.us, district08@ohr.state.oh.us, district09@ohr.state.oh.us, district10@ohr.state.oh.usdistrict11@ohr.state.oh.us, district12@ohr.state.oh.usinfo@barnesforohio.com, district13@ohr.state.oh.usnickieantonio@aol.com, district14@ohr.state.oh.us, district15@ohr.state.oh.us, district16@ohr.state.oh.us, district17@ohr.state.oh.us, Marlene@marlene4ohio.comdistrict18@ohr.state.oh.us, mike@dovillaforohio.com, district98@ohr.state.oh.us, district62@ohr.state.oh.us, district42@ohr.state.oh.us, district57@ohr.state.oh.usdistrict41@ohr.state.oh.us, slaby4rep@aol.com,

Ohio Senate

(Cuyahoga County Area)

State Senator Shirley Smith (21st District)
PH: (614)466-4857

State Senator Dale Miller (23rd District)
PH: (614)466-5123

State Senator-Elect Michael Skindell (23rd District)
PH: (614)466-5921
FX: (614)719-3913
Email: district13@ohr.state.oh.us

State Senator Tom Patton (24th District)
Supports Request for Moratorium

State Senator Nina Turner (25th District)
PH: (614)466-4583

(Lorain County Area)

State Senator Sue Morano (13th District)
PH: (614)644-7613

State Senator-Elect Gayle Manning (13th District)

State Senator Kevin Coughlin (27th District)
PH: (614)466-4823

State Senator-Elect Frank LaRose (27th District)
PH: (330)461-6446

U.S. Congress

Congressman Dennis Kucinich (OH-10)
D.C. Office
FX: (202)225-5745

Parma Office
PH: (440)845-2707
FX: (440)845-2743

Lakewood Office
PH: (216)228-8850
FX: (216)228-6465

Congresswoman Marcia Fudge (OH-11)
D.C. Office
PH: (202)225-7032
DC FX: (202)225-1339

District Office
PH: (216)522-4900
FX: (216)522-4908

Congresswoman Betty Sutton (OH-13)
D.C. Office
PH: (202)225-3401
District Office
PH: (330)865-8450
Chief of Staff Email:
nichole.reynolds@mail.house.gov or nichole.reynold@mail.house.gov

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