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Monday, November 8, 2010

Hire Nancy Pelosi!

After suffering an electoral beat down of historic proportions and a complete rebuke of her progressive policies, soon to be former Speaker of the House Ninny Pelosi is angling to be Minority Leader of the Democrat Party.

We've taken away her gavel.... maybe we should let her keep her broom and bewitching power over the winged-monkeys progressives left in the Democrat Party as it will serve as a reminder of all the hard work we still have left to do...

Republicans that recently gave President and the Democrats a beating on November 2, 2010 are gleeful that Nancy Pelosi, who led 60 plus liberal members of the U.S. House of Representatives over the cliff, may soon be the Minority Leader.  The chant and banners are "Hire Pelosi" so she can be the symbol of voters who have rejected almost every bill forced through the house by her.

The latest polls show that Pelosi is favored by 8% of Independents who have become an important segment of the voting population. She has come to be the face of the worst part of the Democratic Party and still she has so much control that she may easily win the spot, even if challenged by a few Democrats who are realistically facing their own demise in 2012 under her leadership.

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