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Saturday, January 8, 2011

AZ Congresswoman Shot at Speaking Event

Speaking at a public event AZ Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords was shot in the head.  Numerous reports indicated Congresswoman Giffords was fatally wounded. The Congresswoman survived the attack and the operation at the hospital and is repsonding to doctors. Various reports also state 3 of her aides and 12-15 bystanders were also shot.

From Fox News --
Arizona Rep. Gabrielle Giffords was shot in the head at close range by a gunman Saturday morning outside a grocery store in Tucson while holding a public event, Fox News has confirmed.

Eight others were shot, including three of the Arizona Democrat's aides, at Giffords' "Your Corner" event held at a Safeway grocery story. A suspect is in custody.
Our hearts & prayers go out to the family of Congresswoman Giffords for this senseless and tragic murder. 

The Cleveland Tea Party Patriots in no way, shape or form condone this type of senseless killing over political differences.  We can only hope an pray that the gunmen bears the full brunt of the law.

But as expected, and by clicking here you can see the comments, the progessive's and those on the left already have their wide brush out and want to hang this murder on the conservative movement, the 2nd Amendment and of course by nature the Tea Party movement. 


  1. Does it really matter whether the killer was a Democrat or Republican? I am quite sure that the mother of that 9 yr old girl is not wondering what party he belonged too. Or the family of the judge. Or the other dead and critically wounded. What matters is that we have become a nation of no compassion,or hate,of self interests and nothing more. We need not worry about the terrorist from outside our borders,we are destroying ourselves quite nicely.The issue of why this killer was issued a gun while having a criminal record and history of mental illness should be addressed and rapidly. The media and its ilk would do much better just reporting the news and not adding its conjecture to the mix. This is a tragedy on so many levels, yet so many in here would rather cast hatred and bile than to show respect and compassion to those who died and are injured.


  2. Christopher, we agree the shooting is tragic and the deaths of innocent people senseless.

    But your comments also appear to be senseless...

    First where do you see the hate towards Congresswoman Giffords on here?

    If you notice nowhere in the above post do we indicate what political party the Congresswoman was from, we don't mention healthcare, immigration, etc... We just state that a member of the U.S. Congress had been shot and others have been killed.

    As for the hatred, bile and misinformation, I suggest you go to the liberal sites who are spewing their hatred and blaming the Tea Party for this shooting.


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