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Monday, January 10, 2011

Ballots not Bullets

This weekend has been one of great tragedy and loss. This has been a weekend of heartache and great despair for all Americans. Let's keep in our prayers those who have suffered loss. Let's pray for the speedy and full recovery of Gabrielle Giffords.

I had the opportunity to speak on the air with Dave Ramos on WTAM between 4:30PM and 5:00PM on Sunday afternoon. The conversation was along the lines of the horrific events that transpired over the weekend. More specifically, the conversation was about how the sheriff of Pima county and the media in general were trying to blame talk radio and the Tea Party for these heinous acts. My point was lucid and direct. I said, "The Tea Party is about ballots not bullets! The November election was a very clear indication of that. They (the Left) tried to do the same thing back when McVeigh went off in the mid 1990's They tried to blame Rush Limbaugh" Yes I was a bit fired up. You see, I feel personally insulted when the media points the finger at people like me. My point was that the Left tries to create the public perception that folks who are pro small government, pro limited government, and pro constitutional government are, in fact, anti-government. This is a purposeful ruse which has no basis in fact. I went on to say, "Here's this guy Loughner complaining about illiteracy ... yet he can't put together a coherent logical thought in his own mind. Despite his ability to read, he himself could not put together a literate, cohesive philosophy. It doesn't matter if he's reading Karl Marx, or Hitler's Mein Kampf, or my blog. He is not operating on a core set of values." A few more things were said in the stream of consciousness ...then the conversation ended. Mr. Ramos went on to make a very shrewd point. He wondered if this Loughner guy had some kind of weird  "Jody Foster" like obsession. Maybe he was just one of those loons ... the product of a fatal attraction. Mr. Ramos did indicate that there was some type of prior communication between Miss Giffords and the shooter. I believe he said that the shooter had previously attended one of her functions. So, who knows what is in the mind of the person truly on the edge.

But I wanted to vocally defend the Tea Party and all of the wonderful Americans who have an affinity for its tenets. I want to encourage all of the Tea Party strong to be assured in your stance. Keep in mind the mantra of "Ballots Not Bullets" ... then VOTE! Do not be deterred by the laconic labels of the misinformed. Let us keep growing and sharing the common sense of our wise forefathers. Let us stay vigilant. May we learn how to disagree without being disagreeable. Let us be here and now in this moment vital and strong. Harry Reid said on Sunday that, "as soon as the economy improves, the Tea Party will disappear." Harry Reid continues to be wrong ... his streak remains unbroken. Do not give him the satisfaction of being right for the first time in his life. Long live the Tea Party! Gold bless America!

Jeffrey Jay Moore

Although I have graciously been granted permission to post to this blog for over two months, I have (until now) been content to post to my little blogosphere world at fishyspeech.blogspot.com. I only post this link so you can see what I believe qualifies as a lucid rant. My tongue is sharp and vitriolic. This I cannot deny. But my demeanor in the face to face real world is diplomatic. I am fervent in my beliefs but never disrespectful to those with whom I disagree. This crazed shooter did not have a lucid rant and was very disrespectful to those he disagreed with.

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