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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Eric Cantor tells Harry Reid - "Go Ahead, I dare you!"

And the fun starts!

The House opened debate today on the full repeal of the health care reform law (Obamacare). While expected to easily pass the GOP led House, the projected outlook is not so good in the Democrat led Senate.

Responding to the cock-sure attitude of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid that repealing the health care bill does not stand a chance passing in the Senate, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor threw a log on the fire and dared Reid to bring it up for a vote on the Senate Floor....

From Politico --
“If Harry Reid is so confident that the repeal vote should die in the Senate then he should bring it up for a vote if he’s so confident he’s got the votes,” Cantor said.

Reid’s office rejected the idea.

Cantor questioned whether Democrats actually have all the support for health reform that they think they do.

“If Harry Reid is so confident that the members of that body are where he is, then let’s see them vote in that body.” More...

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