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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Tea Party Patriots Continuing Revolution Rally in D.C.

From Tea Party Patriots --

This past weekend we asked you if we should stage a protest in Washington, DC, on Thursday, 3.31.11. Thousands of you let us know that we should and we hear you loud and clear. 

On Thursday, March 31, 2011, Tea Party Patriots will be holding a Continuing Revolution Rally on the East Side of the Capitol Building from noon to 1:30pm. While the Congress continues "business-as-usual" with their short term continuing resolutions, we will be there to Continue our Tea Party Revolution and demand they make the tough decisions we sent them there to make. 

  • We sent them there to repeal Obama Care and they did, but if they are serious about that vote they won't let another CR pass without removing the $105 Billion in funds already appropriated to Obama Care. 
  • We sent them there to cut spending and while they may tell you that they have cut $10 Billion from the budget in a 3 week period, the same day that the last CR passed in the House, an additional $72 Billion was added to deficit... in ONE DAY.
  • They pledged to us that they were going to cut $100 Billion in spending this fiscal year, so far they have failed to follow through on that pledge.
  • We sent them there to make tough decisions, to be leaders, and yet they are timidly passing mediocre spending reforms as if they are avoiding conflict with the Democrats.
  • We sent them there to be BOLD and yet their actions are showing otherwise.
This is merely a continuation of the battles fought over the last two years. Help us continue to gain ground and build on the successes we've had. They are testing the waters and waiting for us to go away. We're not going away! Will you stand on the steps of the Capitol with us next Thursday to help send that message to them loud and clear? Click here to let us know and be on the look out for more details.

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