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Monday, March 28, 2011

Senator Rob Portman (OH) Sounds off on High Gas Prices

From WKBN --
As prices at the pump continue to hover around $3.50 a gallon, one Ohio lawmaker says Washington needs to do more to encourage exploration of American resources.

Republican Senator Rob Portman says there's not enough work being done to look for oil and natural gas in this country.

He says in spite of discoveries of huge deposits of gas in the Marcellus and Utica formations in Ohio and other states, the government isn't doing enough to drill for it.

"I met some people yesterday who told me that the federal government is continuing to put road blocks in place for the development of natural gas. We need to be sure that we do that, because it's a fuel that we need for our electricity and power plants, but also, natural gas can be used in automobiles and trucks," Portman said.

Portman, who is a member of the Senate's Energy Committee, is pushing for more domestic exploration of oil and gas reserves to ease the country's dependence on foreign sources. (“Ohio Lawmaker Sounds off on High Gas Prices,” staff report, WKBN.com, 03/19/11)

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  1. Portman (and others) also need to highlight the hidden costs resulting from rising fuel prices. Many people aren't even aware of the fees tacked onto everyday goods and services as a result of increased fuel costs. For example, Amerigas now charges me a $6.62/month "fuel recovery fee," adding 5% to my bill. Republic Waste has nearly tripled its "fuel/environmental recovery fee" over the past two years. Instead of 7% of my bill, it is now a whopping 17%!

    These hidden costs of skyrocketing fuel prices (including increases in food prices) are hurting middle and lower class families whether or not they drive and whether or not anyone turns off their lights for Earth Hour.


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