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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Tea Party Patriots tell Congress - "Get Back to Work!"

While the stock markets and 401K's tumbles like President Obama and Congress in the polls, our elected elite have decided to go on VACATION.

Now, instead of putting politics in place of good policy and failing to protect our countrys credit rating in the debt ceiling debate, the establishment elite have decided frolic and fun is more important than the well being of our country.

As many Americans have put vacation plans on hold because of financial constraints or in the past have cancelled vacations because of unexpected work obligations, the Tea Party Patriots are asking Congress to be responsible and do the same...

From U.S. News --
"If I were Speaker Boehner, I'd call Congress back into session. I wouldn't take this month off. I'd say in light of the downgrade, we have serious problems we need to address. There's nothing from stopping us from addressing them right now and lets get back to work," says Jenny Beth Martin, cofounder of the Tea Party Patriots.

She told Whispers that Congress should return to make good on earlier promises to slash spending, moves that might help the nation regain it's AAA bond rating from Standard & Poor's. Once back, she says, "they could keep their pledge that they made to cut $100 billion this year. Or they could take the cuts from the 'Cut, Cap, and Balance' plan of $110 billion and pass that. They don't need to wait until the special 'super committee' makes recommendations at Thanksgiving. This downgrade right now is affecting not just our economy but the world economy. Who is going to be the leader and solve these problems, that's what we're looking for."

The speaker's office had no comment. Neither Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid nor President Obama have signaled a desire to recall Congress.

In a harsh assessment of Congress, Martin adds, "At what point are they going to realize that Americans are frustrated with what they are doing? They are destroying our country right now."

Martin said that if Congress doesn't cancel its recess, Tea Party members will flood congressional town hall meetings around the nation to demand action.

"If they don't go back into session, then we're going to show up at town halls around the country," she says.
Since we know these D.C. dipweeds will not cancel their vacations, please sign up on our email list at www.clevelandteaparty.com for up to date info on Congressional Town Halls in Ohio.

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