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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

An Open Letter to Ohio Republican Party Chairman Bob Bennett: 2012 Elections

In response to the recent naming of former Congressman and current ORP State Central Committeeman Bob McEwen as spokesman of the Ohio Republican Party (ORP) for the 2012 election, the below letter is being sent to ORP Interim Chairman Bob Bennett voicing our concerns and objections over this intellectually vacuous and questionable appointment.

Ohio Republican Party
Chairman Bob Bennett
211 South Fifth St
Columbus, OH 43215

Dear Chairman Bennett,

In light of your recent comments in which you stated former Congressman Bob McEwen would be named as Spokesman for the Ohio Republican Party during the 2012 election cycle, accordingly, we feel the need to respond and share our concerns.

With what arguably may be the most important election many of us will ever face in our lifetime, the importance of acting soundly, smartly, and with integrity cannot be underestimated. Because Ohio is a key battleground state, decisions and actions in Ohio made during this election cycle WILL play prominently in the eventual outcome of the Presidential election

Considering his past role in the House Banking Scandal and past voting indiscretions, we believe the decision to name former Congressman and current ORP State Central Committeeman Bob McEwen as spokesman to be sorely lacking in political judgment and respectfully request this decision be rescinded or reconsidered.

While volunteers and Tea Party members across the state fan out in our GOTV efforts promoting our conservative values, voter integrity, and the need for integrity in our elected officials, the appointment of Congressman McEwen flies in the face of good judgment; an individual who can be attacked for having violated the public trust is a poor choice for a political party spokesman.

We know all too well how President Obama will do everything possible to deflect attention from his 4 years of policies that have failed this state and our country.  It is incumbent on the Ohio Republican Party to remain vigilant in making sure they do not willfully arm the left with endless political fodder with actions like this leading up to the all-important 2012 election.

In closing, we look forward to your written response to this request in a timely manner, and we want to thank you for giving our correspondence your immediate and undivided attention.


Ralph King
Marianne Gasiecki
Tea Party Patriots
State Coordinators (OH)

After speaking with many of the Tea Party & Liberty group members and Coordinators across Ohio, we have yet to find anyone that supports the decision to name McEwen as ORP Spokesman for the 2012 election.

After learning of former Congressman McEwen's role in the House Banking Scandal, past voting scandals and, past work as a high-powered lobbyist, the reaction has ranged from disbelief to disgust.

For the record, we do believe in forgiveness and that people can change. We applaud former Congressman McEwen for acknowledging, accepting and learning from his past mistakes. And we believe that the role and work he is currently doing on the ORP State Central Committee is where his experience would best serve the conservative movement during this election cycle.

Former Congressman McEwen surely recognizes the liabilities that his being ORP spokesman would bring and, how it will surely diminish any chances of conservative success in 2012.

If former Congressman McEwen has truly learned from his past mistakes and is a changed person, and in light of what the future of our nation faces in this upcoming election, Congressman McEwen would do the right thing by putting country first and reconsider his taking on this role as ORP Spokesman.


  1. Having recently heard former Rep. McEwen speak on pertinent topics at the Pike County Lincoln Day diner, I can attest to his knowledge of and excellent presentation of the fiscal principles that the tea party movement espouses.

    I imagine that he was selected for those outstanding qualities.

  2. Hello Allen and thanks for commenting. This has nothing to do with McEwen's knowledge on fiscal principals and McEwen is anything but Tea Party.

    This has everything to do with McEwen's past is a liability to any success in 2012. If he truly changed as he claims and he s the patriot he claims to be, he would've been a man and refused to take this appointment.

    I am happy to say, because of the above letter that McEwen will now NOT be the spokesman and will take a role as an advisor. A much better place for him.


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