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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

President Obama & the Democrats' "War on Children"

President Obama and the Democrats are doing their best to manipulate their attack on our religious freedoms and have it redefined as a conservative "War on Women".

While President Obama and the left will ask you to suspend all reality to believe their predetermined pagan prose, we want to share some facts as to "who" is really conducting a so-called war and point out "who" the victims are and the atrocities to be faced by future generations.

So if conservatives are conducting a "War on Women" then it is clear and indisputable that President Obama and his fellow Democrats on the left are conducting a "War on Children".

As you can see, without using Obama math (48 States + 2 States = 57 States), our nation's debt exceeds the debt of the entire Euro Zone and the U.K. combined...

And under President Obama's continued spending sprees, our debt continues to grow by leaps and bounds.  To date, according to the CBO's Long Term Budget Outlook, as they continue their onslaught of spending, our debt rises like mushroom clouds over the battlefield of life that will in effect make our future generations POW's of government debt.

In this Democrat driven "War on Children" a 16 yr old High School student, not even yet old enough to vote, will be shackled & chained with a minimum $870,000 of government debt. A child born today, through no fault of his own and only because of President Obama & the Democrats spending their future away, will be figuratively water boarded with over $1.5 Million of government debt. 

Expecting or future Mom's, well....   as the spending grows and our mushroom cloud of debt rises beyond the heaven's, your God's little bundles of joy can look forward to a lifetime of government subjugation at the Guantanamo Bay of life as they are forced to labor off their portion of the government debt from President Obama and the Democrats "War on Children".

 OK mom's take a look -- which ones are your grandchildren....

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  1. It's much more than just debt, it's Godlessness, homosexuality, education, abortion, but it all stems from Godlessness.


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