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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Occupy the Truth More Important than Ever

Although it has been going on for quite some time, the liberal media is even more brazen now that President Obama looks like he may be actually losing this election. From juicing polling data to omissions of legitimate news stories to outright lying. The American people are being led down a path and fed a narrative that most likely originates from The White House itself. That's why as political activists, it is even more important than ever to make sure we are holding our media and elected officials accountable. That is what Occupy the Truth is all about. We are letting them know that their behavior is no longer acceptable and we will be shouting the truth and pushing them to do their jobs.

We are being told that the hundreds of thousands of people that gathered at Tea Party rallies across the country peacefully are violent radicals and extremists. We are being told that the Occupy Wall Street crowd, with thousands of arrests including rape, destruction of property and drug use, are to be admired and held up as examples of what America is all about. We are being told that if you want a responsible government that doesn't waste money and works within a budget (like every human being on the planet is expected to do) we are evil and soulless. Then in the next breath, we are told that it is necessary to spend trillions of dollars we don't even have, so that we can take care of those that refuse to lift a finger to help themselves. We are also told we need to give a free ride to people that are not even citizens of The United States.

How is it that we are called racists when we don't agree with our president, but a white vice president can tell a crowd of people in African-American vernacular that the banks and the GOP are going to put black people back in chains, with no repercussion whatsoever? Why is it The Tea Party is the go-to boogie man whenever a high profile crime occurs with a gun? And yet a leftist activist walks into a conservative non-profit screaming he "does not like their politics", opens fire and hardly a word is uttered on the evening news.

The media is guilty of malpractice can be the only sane conclusion. It is time for this to stop! That is why we are hosting Occupy the Truth. Please join us on August 18th, 2012 at the FREE stamp in Cleveland, Ohio. The truth must win out.

Speakers will include: Michelle Malkin | Dana Loesch | Jim Hoft | Tony Katz | Sonnie Johnson | Jenny Beth Martin and more!

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