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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Sonnie Johnson at Occupy The Truth

Sonnie Johnson wowed the crowd at the Occupy The Truth rally on Aug. 18.


  1. Aaron Walker, aka the blogger known as Aaron Worthing, here. I have been reading reports that a man called Sonnie an Uncle Tom, which is both racist and apparently gender-confused. I have seen apparent cell phone video of the guy being accused of it, but not confirming he had done so. But I hadn't seen video of him doing it and i don't think i heard it in any of the youtubes so far. do you know of anyone who captured it?

    Btw, a good rally.

  2. I used this as an example of racism in the US in my Stark State cultural diversity class, love how the left is so blind on the true definition of racism, denouncing African Americans their "black" status for being conservative.


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