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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Ohio healthcare exchange issues

This from Marianne at the Mansfield Tea Party:
There has been a lot of confusion about the decision made by Governor Kasich regarding state run health care exchanges.
While the statement ”Governor Kasich confirms that creation of Ohio's Obamacare exchange will be left to the Feds” is technically correct, it is also a bit misleading.
Yes, the Governor has rejected the state run exchanges, but the Governor has agreed to enter into what the federal government is calling a “partnership” or “hybrid” agreement.
This means that the federal government will run the exchanges, but Ohio will, supposedly, maintain its right to regulate its health insurance industry.
The issue with this plan is that Ohio still needs to submit a “blueprint” to the feds, for approval. In Governor Kasich's own statement he says, ”I am confident Ohio will meet federal standards to maintain its control of these responsibilities.”
Based on that statement, and history, it appears that the federal government will still be determining acceptable plans, minimums, etc., therefore, in my opinion, eliminating the “control” that the Governor is seeking to maintain.

ObamaCare has always been about control; and now we learn that the President has decided to levy fines on states that choose, legally, not to set up their own exchanges. With each passing day, more rules and regulations come into play; we're still trying to aim at a moving target. 

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