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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

When is a Republican not a Republican?

When is a Republican not a Republican? When his name is John Boehner.

Tea Party Patriots, as well as other conservative organizations, have offered solution after solution for addressing the self-inflicted “fiscal cliff.” Click HERE to read the solutions offered to date.  
Even Dick Morris offered a solution that would still provide some leverage while negotiating for cuts in spending. Click HERE to read.     
Rather than push the President to address the spending issue, Speaker John “Caveman” Boehner’s latest plan would see the top income tax rates rise to 39.6 percent from 36 percent for those with net incomes above $1 million a year.
This tax increase would not affect any of us directly, but that’s not the point.
When has an increase in tax rates ever stimulated an economy?
Even if in some strange phenomenon, opposing all of history, this tax increase does increase revenue to the government, who believes it will be used to reduce the deficit?
More importantly, if revenue truly is the issue, which we know it is not, why isn’t Speaker Boehner insisting that President Obama issue the 15 permits sitting on his desk, that would allow for the export of our overly abundant supply of natural gas?
It is projected that the export of this God given natural resource would create a revenue stream similar to the oil boon, not to mention the jobs that would be created for the “middle class” that the President keeps insisting he is trying to help. Click HERE to read more.  
The answer is simple. The President would rather continue his class warfare rhetoric. He has no desire to help or lift the middle class, whose income has dropped an average of $3,700 per year during his presidency. His goal is to make them more dependent, while continuing to payback his supporters by investing our tax dollars in failing green industries.
Regarding “Caveman” Boehner, he has obviously lost his way regarding what it means to be a Republican, let alone a conservative. Republicans are supposed to stand for lower taxes, smaller government and free enterprise. If the Speaker agrees to increasing taxes, for anyone, and does not insist on real and clear cuts to spending, what is left for the Republican party?

Call Your Representatives
Call your representatives and insist that any “fiscal cliff” deal that involves raising taxes on anyone is unacceptable, then ask why he/she is not exposing President Obama for refusing to promote prosperity and success in our own country by issuing the permits sitting on his desk.
History has proven, repeatedly, that reducing taxes increases revenue to the government. If it is prosperity for all that is wanted, then unleash the free market.
For a list of your representatives contact information, click HERE
h/t Marianne G.

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