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Sunday, January 13, 2013

AGENDA 21 forum January 20

"Sustainable development" may sound good, but. . .  Our friends in Streetsboro are hosting a meeting to educate Ohioans on Agenda 21. The featured speaker is Don Casey, who has studied Agenda 21 for twenty years and was instrumental in Alabama’s successful passage of Senate Bill 477. 
Most of you are aware that Cleveland is an Agenda 21 city, Cuyahoga County is an Agenda 21 county, and multiple initiatives are already underway. (This is not a left/right party politics issue;  see also: democrats against UN agenda 21.) And Streetsboro is just south of the Ohio Turnpike, accessible to Cleveland and Akron-Canton.

WHEN:           SUNDAY JANUARY 20th 2013 at 1:00 PM
WHERE:         Stringz & Wingz Z-PLEX
1543 State Route 303, Streetsboro, OH   (map here)  
* In Streetsboro Plaza next to SAVE-A-LOT

·         Don Casey - Understanding UN Agenda 21
·         David Frost - Agenda 21 spreading in Ohio
·         Steve Berecek - Recognize how Agenda 21 is introduced
This is an educational event, and nobody needs to be educated more than our elected representatives who can prevent this socialist collective regionalism from spreading and destroying our liberty. Please consider contacting your local elected representatives and inviting them to attend this event. We wish to include ALL elected officials -- Democrat, Republican, or other -- at this educational forum. That would include your county commissioner, township trustees, city or village council members, as well as your state and federal representative and senator. The building hold 1,600 people, so there is plenty of room to bring a friend or two as well. Invite your neighborhood.  There will be handout materials available for everyone. This event is being held at STRINGZ & WINGZ Z-PLEX Centrally located to Cleveland, Akron, and Youngstown Just a short drive from the Ohio Turnpike exit at 480 STRINGZ & WINGZ is a full menu restaurant and bar and you can have lunch on site if you so desire. Though this is a FREE event to convey important information, but there will be a donation jar available to help cover the cost.  

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