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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

'Deadbeats' and Junkies Can't Stop Spending Other People's Money

From Tea Party Patriots and the Mansfield Tea Party:


Tea Party to Obama: 
Don't Hold Our Economy Hostage

Cleveland, OH. - Today, Tea Party Patriots, the nation's largest tea party organization, responded to President Obama's press conference on the debt ceiling.
"Again taking hypocrisy to new levels, President Obama, in his recent press conference, spouts off about our country not paying our past debt, while he himself continually refuses to take any meaningful steps to prevent us from incurring more debt with his irresponsible and out of control spending habits," said Ralph King, Coordinator of Cleveland Tea Party Patriots and State Co-coordinator (OH) for the Tea Party Patriots.
The Senate has refused to put forth a budget in over three years, and this administration just acknowledged they will again miss the deadline for a budget this year. "It is this complete disregard for their responsibility as elected officials, and abuse of hard working taxpayers, that continues to be a  drag on our economy and stifle any meaningful growth that would put our country back on track to prosperity," stated Marianne Gasiecki, Founder of the Mansfield Tea Party and fellow State Co-coordinator.
Every dollar increase in the debt ceiling is another dollar stolen from our children and from young people who aren't even old enough to vote. We must stop splurging on ourselves and sending our children the bill. Deadbeats and addicts ensure they get their own 'fix' and leave their children to waste away. A government addicted to spending cannot long last without overdosing and going bankrupt. We need to stage an intervention to change our government's spending habits, and we need it now.

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