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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

More on healthcare: Wheels Coming Off

More on Healthcare(and a reminder to sign up for the Feb. 13 conference call)

In news related to current efforts to stop the expansion of Medicaid in Ohio, here is Betsy McCaughey, in a recent New York Post piece ("Wheels Coming Off"), on  a few of the ugly realities of ObamaCare coming to light as provisions begin to kick in:

the biggest setback is that most states are refusing to set up insurance exchanges. The exchanges are supposed to sell the government-mandated plans and hand out taxpayer-funded subsidies to most enrollees. 
Here’s the glitch. The law says that in states that refuse, the federal government can set up an exchange. But the law empowers only state exchanges, not federal ones, to hand out subsidies. The Obama administration says it will disregard the law and offer subsidies in all 50 states anyway, but the case will likely go to the Supreme Court. 
If the courts uphold the clear language of the law, then some 8 million people in the affected states won’t be eligible for subsidies to cover that $20,000 (or more) insurance bill. That’s another 8 million without coverage. 
All in all, at least 40 million people could be uninsured in 2016, only 9 million fewer than before the law was passed. 
Expect the momentum for repealing this law to grow as its flaws, perverse incentives and faulty predictions come to light.

Keep some of this in mind during tomorrow evening's conference call (8 pm) discussing how to STOP Medicaid expansion in Ohio. Sign up for the call here

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