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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Ohio Senate passes budget : Update on Ohio Medicaid Expansion

From Marianne / Ohio Tea Party Patriots: 

Ohio Budget Passed

Last week the Ohio Senate passed a budget.  The good news is it did not include Medicaid expansion.  The bad news is, the fight is far from over.

The more conservative members of the House continue to fight against Medicaid expansion, but are up against other members, and our Governor, who will personally and politically benefit from the expansion, as well as the gargantuan American Hospital Association and the Ohio Hospital Association which stand to gain $13 billion over the next seven years with this expansion.

Who else gains from the expansion?  It's not the taxpayer, and most likely not those in need.  Click Here to Read Marianne's recent Op-Ed regarding who's behind the push for Medicaid expansion.

If Medicaid expansion is not passed, the AHA and the OHA will most likely use their power and money to get it on the ballot this fall. 

They must be exposed for the self-serving bullies that they are.
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