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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Our Path to Self-Governance: Ohio House Introduces Health Care Compact

June 27, 2013
For Immediate Release
Contact:  Marianne Gasiecki 

Health Care Compact 
Introduced in Ohio House
Our Path to Self Governance

Columbus, OH - June 27, 2013 - The Health Care Compact is an interstate compact that gives each individual state control over the federal health care dollars spent within that state, and the authority to determine the best system of health care for its citizens, without interference from the federal government.

The Health Care Compact (HB 227) was introduced into the Ohio House by co-sponsors Rep. Wes Retherford and Rep. Terry Boose Thursday morning. "We've been working very closely with Reps Retherford and Boose, as well as others, over the past few months," said Marianne Gasiecki, State Co-coordinator for Tea Party Patriots. "They asked the tough questions, and have a thorough understanding of the benefits of a long term solution like the health care compact."

The federal government has been garnering more and more centralized power. The most recent display of this power was via the, arguably, most influential agency of the federal government, the IRS. The IRS would be the agency responsible for ensuring the enforcement of the Affordable Care Act.

Ohio would be the ninth state to pass the health care compact, which must then receive a simple majority up or down vote in the US Congress. The health care compact is a critical step towards state sovereignty and self-governance, bringing accountability and the decision making process closer to the people.

To learn more about the Health Care Compact, contact Marianne Gasiecki at mansfieldteaparty@gmail.com.

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To watch a short video about the Health Care Compact, click here.

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