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Sunday, September 15, 2013

National & Ohio Federation of RINO Women Carry Water for GOP on Illegal Immigration

Like good little RINOettes, the Ohio Federation of Republican Women joined in with the National Federation of Republican Women in publicly jumping on the bandwagon supporting the GOP establishment elite's group hug of Illegal Immigrants. 

In a recent letter to the Plain Dealer titled "Settle the legal status of kids without a country", Ohio Federation of Republican Women President Jean Turner writes....
On March 9, 2013, the National Federation of Republican Women passed a Resolution regarding immigration that included this statement:

"RESOLVED, The National Federation of Republican Women urges the federal government to expeditiously establish criteria for young people in this country illegally through no fault of their own to earn legal resident status or citizenship when they demonstrate English fluency and knowledge of American civics, comply with all health requirements, have no criminal record, graduate from an accredited high school, and pursue a college degree, trade certification or enter into military service."

It is in this spirit that the Ohio Federation of Republican Women applauds Speaker John Boehner for having the courage to move the conversation forward with his recent comments that this issue is, "about basic fairness."

These are not children of foreign countries. These are not children of the U.S.A. They are children without any country. Our group urges the Ohio Congressional Delegation to join together to bring about a resolution to the question of legal status in these cases.

Jean Turner, 

Turner is the president of the Ohio Federation of Republican Women. Three other statewide officers also signed this letter.

First,  while surely getting a couple RINO points for parroting Majority Leader Eric Cantor, it is incorrect for Mrs. Turner to classify children brought here illegally by their parents as "kids without a country."  The country in which these children were born would be their country of origin.  

Many of the illegal immigrant children (aka Dreamers) in which Mrs. Turner is referring to are covered under the Deferred Action for Children Arrivals (DACA), which supplies no special path to citizenship, but does give these children a legal presence and many benefits.

In fairness, while many share the same concerns that something needs to be done about illegal immigration in this country, it is clear Mrs. Turner, in playing the tune of "basic fairness' on the bleeding heart fiddle, is looking for a special path to citizenship for these Memorandum created special class of illegal immigrants.  

To date, Deferred Action has been granted to over 455,000 "Undocumented Dreamers" creating a USCIS processing backlog at the expense of legal citizens and members of our military.   

And the slippery slope of a "special path to citizenship" for Dreamer's is already mutating into a "special path to citizenship" for the "Dream Parents" under the proposed DACA-Plus program and a current ICE Enforcement Directive.  

Estimated costs to U.S. citizens for Illegal Immigration nationwide are approximately $106 billion. In Ohio with a yearly cost of $878 Million, that works out to about $200 per year per resident

At $509 million annually, the cost of educating the estimated 25, 375 U.S. born children of illegal immigrants living in Ohio at the K-12 level is devastating to an already over burdened school funding issue in Ohio. Illegal immigrant children in Ohio covered under DACA are also able to get a drivers license which will enable possible voting rights and they get in-state college tuition over American children

 So, I would ask the National & Ohio Federation of Republican Women -- what about the "basic fairness" to every day American citizens, through no fault of our own, that are being forced to bear the fiscal burden of supporting these illegal immigrants?

Maybe instead of trying to score RINO points with the GOP establishment on illegal immigration by applauding Speaker Boehner for his so called "courage" -- Mrs. Turner should be asking Speaker Boehner where is his courage to speak up for the "basic fairness" for the U.S. citizens he was elected to represent!

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