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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Action Alert: Operation Affect Paul Ryan

Patriots, once again, you are being thrown under the bus.... a bus full of illegal immigrants and it is being driven by Congressman Paul Ryan.

This would be the same Congressman Paul Ryan that looked for Tea Party support of his budget plan, the same Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan that had his campaign staff reach out to Tea Party groups to attend his campaign events and rallies -- the same Paul Ryan that told you how important you were -- when he needed your vote to get elected.

Congressman Ryan is done using you as a 'tool' and no longer needs the Tea Party. Now that he has his new friend Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook to defend him, he is brushing off our calls telling him to stand strong against illegal immigration and the Senate Immigration Reform bill (S. 744)..... (emphasis added)

The effort to make him switch his position isn’t working: Ryan says he is committed to passing a law to allow 11 million undocumented immigrants to eventually become U.S. citizens.

Ryan, an eight-term congressman, isn’t deterred by the opposition. “I’ve seen it all and I am used to this kind of political activity,” he said in the interview. “It does not surprise me; it doesn’t really affect me.”
That's right Patriots -- Congressman Ryan says he is not affected by your calls, emails, faxes, etc...   Now that he is done needing your support, he is done with needing the inconvenient opinion of the Tea Party.

And in an even bigger slap in the face, at a recent bi-lingual town hall meeting hosted by Congressman Ryan, he doubled down on his commitment for immigration reform to be voted on this year in the House, regardless if they have support or not.....
However, during a bilingual listening session on Friday, Ryan said he wanted all components of immigration reform to be brought up for a floor vote, regardless of whether they ultimately received majority Republican support or not.

“We don’t know if we have a majority until we vote on it,” Ryan explained. He also said he’d been in close consultation with Speaker Boehner about how to proceed with the bill.
Congressman Ryan says he is not deterred by our opposition to his support of weak immigration policies, Congressman Ryan says he is used to this kind of political activity and implies he just brushes it off with indifference and it does not affect him

It is time to put in play Operation Affect Paul Ryan and let's show this phony Tea Party Conservative how our political activity can "affect" him -- let's shut his phone's emails and social media sites down with floods of calls, emails and posts on Facebook and Twitter.

We are asking that everyone please make a commitment to contact and "affect" Paul Ryan by calling emailing, tweeting (#affectpaulryan) and on Facebook, regardless of the topic of posts leave your comments regarding his weak stance on immigration.

Rep. Paul Ryan

D.C. Phone: (202)225-3031
D.C. Fax: (202)225-3393
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/paulryanwi
Twitter:  https://twitter.com/reppaulryan  

For tweeting please use @RepPaulRyan and #affectpaulryan.

Emailing -- 

In attempts to stop grassroots group members living outside their districts from contacting them via email, many of the elected elite in DC can only be contacted electronically through their web page by supplying a zip code from within their respective district.

Below you will find the zip code and extension needed to send Congressman Ryan through the contact link on his web page. 

Contact Link: https://paulryan.house.gov/contact/email.htm

Janesville -- 53545-3959
Kenosha -- 53140-3751
Racine -- 53403-1214

Tell Congressman Ryan it is time to put American Citizens First!

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