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Friday, March 14, 2014

Follow ObamaCare Delays at Your Peril

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Anthony Ciani has some good advice at AmericanThinker:

Despite being “the law of the land”, President Obama is telling a lot of people to ignore ObamaCare; but does that absolve you from following it?  The Affordable Care Act (ACA), also known as ObamaCare, is now in full effect, or it is supposed to be.  To avert certain political disaster for the Democratic Party, Obama has issued, as of March 5, 2014, 20 unilateral executive actions to “delay” ObamaCare mandates and taxes.
The President has the authority to pardon, but he cannot pre-pardon your crimes, just as a priest cannot pre-absolve your uncommitted sins; and just as a priest cannot change the list of sins, Obama cannot change the taxes you owe or the benefits you must provide.  So what could happen if you follow Obama’s “delays” and “waivers” in lieu of the law?
. . .  One of Obama’s unilateral changes was to allow people to keep their existing, non-qualifying insurance plans, but those who do will still owe the taxes, regardless of what Obama says or leads you to believe.
So what might happen if you keep your insurance and forgo your 2014 ObamaCare tax?  Regardless of reason, whether you believed Obama or were civilly disobedient, you failed to pay your taxes; however, the ObamaCare tax is special.  The IRS can neither criminally prosecute you nor seize your property for refusing to pay the mandate tax, but it can place liens on your property and assess penalties, and the IRS can criminally prosecute you and seize your property for failing to pay the penalties for evading the ObamaCare mandate.

These are potentially serious consequences, so if your 2014 tax preparation software omits the ObamaCare tax, complain to the manufacturer.  Find software or a preparer that includes the tax, or prepare the forms yourself.  If the official IRS forms omit the ObamaCare tax, complain to or sue the IRS, and then figure it out on your own.  Whatever you do, determine if you comply, and pay if you do not.
. . . Only the law is meaningful to the courts; they care nothing about unlawful executive decrees.[emphasis added]

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