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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Cleveland-area bingo players say No Dice on Sin Tax!

From the Coalition Against The Sin Tax --
Earlier this week, the Coalition Against the Sin Tax (C.A.S.T.) visited a popular Cleveland-area bingo game to speak with citizens about Issue 7 — the proposed $260+ million Sin Tax on alcohol and cigarettes that Cuyahoga County’s business and political leaders want to take from the County’s residents to give to Cleveland’s pro sports teams for improvements to their facilities. 

Not surprisingly, the bingo players were none too pleased with the idea of the sports owners reaching back into their kitty....

Unfortunately, there’s far too much doubt as to whether informed opinions of regular Clevelanders will be heard in this low-turnout May election, especially with hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of “Keep Cleveland Strong” propaganda flooding the County like something out of an Orwell novel. 

Which makes it especially important for folks to inform themselves and stand up for themselves, including in Cuyahoga County on May 6 by voting no on Issue 7.

Join in the fight to stop the Sin Tax! (Vote No on Issue 7)

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