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Friday, April 25, 2014

Kansas : the ninth state to join the Health Care Compact

Can Ohio be #10?

From Jamie at HealthCareCompact.org:
With the stroke of Governor Brownback's pen earlier this week, Kansas became the ninth state to join the Health Care Compact! Kansas joins Utah, Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Indiana, Georgia, South Carolina and Alabama in petitioning Congress to allow them to regulate health care at the state level. You can read more about the victory in this story by the Wichita Eagle.
In Kansas, big-government groups pulled out all the stops, spreading misinformation to claim that the Compact will harm Medicare and that the federal government can manage health care better than the states. (Healthcare.gov, anyone?) Fortunately, the people of Kansas saw through these lies, and Gov. Brownback made an especially salient point in his signing statement: "The Health Care Compact will allow states to restore and protect Medicare for generations to come. Obamacare is the most serious attack on Medicare and seniors since the program's inception. By cutting $700 [b]illion out of Medicare, President Obama and his allies made a policy statement that ideology is more important than protecting seniors."
In addition to Gov. Brownback, special appreciation is due to Rep. Brett Hildabrand and Sen. Mary Pilcher-Cook, who led the Compact through the Kansas House and Senate, respectively.
All told, nearly 70 million Americans live in states that have joined the Compact. And with bills moving in both Ohio and Louisiana, that number could reach 85 million by the end of the year. That's 85 million Americans who won't be further harmed by the ongoing travesty of Obamacare.
But before the Compact goes into effect, it must pass the U.S. House and Senate. As you may know, Congressman James Lankford of Oklahoma has filed the Compact (HJ Res 110) in the U.S. House, and has already recruited 11 of his colleagues to co-sponsor alongside him. U.S. Senators are beginning to take notice as well.

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