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Monday, December 8, 2014

ACTION ALERT: Calls Needed to Stop Obama's Executive Action Amnesty

Action Alert

The House is about to leave for their Christmas break without doing a thing to stop the President's executive amnesty. Yes, that's right... after they ran for re-election on the promise to do everything they could to stop it!

to get them to KEEP their PROMISE!

Tea Party & Liberty groups across the country will be making calls today and tomorrow to ALL of the below squishy members of Congress. While calls need to be placed to all of the targeted congress members, in Ohio, we need calls and pressure put on;

Speaker Boehner

DC PH: 202-225-6205
District PH: 513-779-5400
District PH: 937-339-1524
Contact: Click Here

Rep. Jim Renacci

DC PH: 202-225-3876
District PH: 330-334-0040
District PH: 440-882-6779
Contact: Click Here

Rep. Dave Joyce

DC PH: 202-225-5731
District PH: 440-352-3939
District PH: 330-425-9291
Contact: Click Here 

We know that Christmas is just a few weeks away and you are busy preparing for the holidays, but that's what makes this lame duck Congress so dangerous for America. Congress also knows we're busy with the holidays and they're hoping we don't notice their broken promises. WE NEED TO MAKE SURE EVERY MEMBER OF CONGRESS FEELS THE HEAT AND KNOWS THAT THEY MUST STOP EXECUTIVE AMNESTY!

Tell them to keep their promises and use the spending bill to stop the funding for the President's executive amnesty. Pass the list of targets in your state on to your lists and ask them to do the same.

If your representative isn't on this list, call them as well. You can find their contact info on our website at this link:

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