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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Take the quiz: Who am I?

photo credit: examiner.com

Guess who? Reader <georgiafl> at Conservative Treehouse provides the check list:
  • Harvard educated
  • First term junior Senator
  • No leadership ability
  • Career lawyer-politician
  • Considered Constitutional scholar
  • Lecturing, talking down to others
  • No executive, private sector experience
  • Questionable citizenship, eligibility
  • Records sealed to prevent investigation, proof of eligibility
  • Parent/s with questionable citizenship
  • Parents questionable bigamous, illegal or non-existent marriage
  • Lies constantly, brazenly, without remorse
  • Use of dirty, dishonest tactics to win elections
  • Relationship with non-mainstream Christian religious figure (Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Cruz’s Dominionist father)
  • Amnesty, foreign worker, Muslim/Cuban immigration advocate
  • Work to diminish American identity and sovereignty
  • Trade and immigration deals favoring foreign interests over American worker interests 

Choose either:
A.   President Barack Obama
B.   Senator Ted Cruz

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