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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Donald J. Trump on Immigration policy

Press conference with Mexico President Neito earlier today
Photo credit: New York Times

Donald Trump met earlier today with Mexico President Peña Neito on the subject of immigration policy, building the wall, and other topics of mutual interest. 

Trump’s anticipated speech tonight on Immigration, from Arizona, is being broadcast live at 9pm (6 pm Phoenix time) on C-Span. If your cable provider does not include C-Span, you can watch a livestream RSBN video via YouTube (h/t Sundance). The video below is from the Phoenix venue covering pre-speech interviews. It will probably segue straight into Trump's speech; I'll post another link if it does not.

Here's a for sure live stream link to the speech (h/t Sundance). As I post this, Trump has just arrived in Phoenix:

Or, if you need an embiggened image, go straight to YouTube here.

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