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Sunday, August 21, 2016

Media Polls and Media Malpractice

graph via: conservative treehouse

If you are trying to follow the wild swings in the media polling leading up to the Presidential election, you’re probably risking whiplash. Hillary’s up, Trump is down, Trump is up, Hillary is down. Are ANY of the polls cited by anchors and talking heads reliable? Sundance at Conservative Treehouse followed up on the issue yesterday:

Last month [Treehouse] shared a warning to ignore the predictable post convention media polling nonsense.  That warning remains valid today.

Just because the media is predictably beginning to sell poll stats beneficial to Donald Trump doesn’t mean they are any less manipulated.

On June 15th aggregate media polling had Hillary Clinton leading by 15 points.  On July 15th the same media polling had Trump +17.  On August 8th the pendulum swing was back to Hillary +15,…. and now today the media signals of a tied race begin.

It’s all nonsense.  All of it.  Polls don’t swing 20 to 30 +/- points every few weeks.
[graph shown above at the link]

The media outlets conducting these polls have the same bias in their statistical representation as they publish in their daily event articles.  

[examples of recent media malpractice, mostly on CNN, follow at link]
. . .

It’s all about the media “narratives” – manufactured for daily consumption to control voters who don’t question the information. Watch your evening news program and see how these media talking heads set up a “discussion” based on their phony-baloney polls, reports, etc. It’s not just CNN. It’s the alphabet networks, Fox, or, if you’re still getting news from the mainstream print media, it’s the NY Times and all its derivatives.

Caveat emptor!

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