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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

About those polls: mistakes or lies?

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Pollsters and election modelers suffered an industry-shattering embarrassment at the hands of Donald Trump on Tuesday night.

Trump, the Republican presidential nominee, had long said the polls were biased against him. His claims — dismissed and mocked by the experts — turned out to be true.

“It’s going to put the polling industry out of business,” said CNN anchor Jake Tapper. “It’s going to put the voter projection industry out of business.”

This is rich. Tapper is shocked, shocked I tell you, that the polling industry got it wrong, so embarrassingly wrong. Tapper knows full well that CNN has been in collusion with the polling industry that DELIBERATELY manipulated the numbers. Sundance has been tracking this racket for years, and today he summarized his research during the 2015-16 election cycle:

THE MEDIA DIDN’T GET IT WRONG –  The pollsters did not work from the wrong data set; the media pollsters, consultants and professional political class did not work from the wrong assumptions, or use the incorrect baselines…..  THEY LIED.

The professional media polling agents knew exactly what the truth was. They lied and manipulated their data in a concerted effort to intentionally falsify reality. There should be no doubt, EVER, in the mind of any political observer as to what took place within the expressed and broadcast polling which fueled over two years of broadcast news. The media intentionally lied.

They knew the truth. The same tools available to us, and to those who were ridiculed for truth-telling, were available to them and many more. They did not get it wrong. They chose to lie to you the American electorate. So let’s name the liars so their names can forever be dispatched from the land where credibility is of value:
  • Fox News, pollster Daron Shaw, Shaw Research and associates and the Wall Street Journal. Rupert Murdoch.
  • NBC News, pollster Mark Murray, Hart Research and Associates.
  • Monmouth University, pollster Patrick Murray.
  • CBS News and New York Times writ large.
  • ABC News and The Washington Post.
  • CNN News Network and ORC Polling.
  • Rasmussen and Reuters Polling Operations.

These individuals along with every single corporate national media polling outlet, which in turn contributed to -and skewed- the larger aggregate of the Real Clear Politics average of polls, were complicit in their intent to deceive the American electorate in an ideological scheme to manipulate the psyche of the American voter.
. . .
They did not make mistakes; they did not operate from the wrong assumptions.  These organizations, as part of the larger corporate objectives from those who fund their endeavors, lied. Allowing them to say they made a mistake is only dooming ourselves to the continued cycle of battered electorate syndrome.
. . .

There’s more at his blog post. And for icing on the cake, Sundance reproduces tweets and headlines from polling guru Nate Silver on Trump's candidacy. Go here and scroll down to see the composite of Silver’s propaganda. (If you want to get into the weeds to see HOW they lie, here's an earlier blog by Sundance with a detailed analysis.)

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