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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Jon "Tea Party" Husted draws loud rebuff

In today's Metro section, Republican secretary of state candidate Jon Husted got slapped around by one of our own. Mr. Husted, aka "Creator of Ohio's CAT tax", has been running ads claiming to be a Tea Party candidate.

Anybody with a small business can tell you that CAT is just another way for Ohio to have it's hand in your pocket. According to the Ohio.gov website, The CAT is an annual privilege tax measured by gross receipts on business activities in this state. This tax applies to all types of businesses.

A "privilege tax?" Don't make me laugh Jon.. With CAT's May due date looming, go find me a small business owner in this economy who feels "priveleged" to hand over more hard earned money.

The Tea Party stands by three very simple principles. Fiscal Responsibility, Limited Government, and Free Markets. Husted is going to have a hell of a time trying to convince anybody he's the furry little kitten candidate.

But Ralph King said it best in today's paper. "The only relation Jon Husted would have with the Tea Party is if he would have been driving the British ship into the Boston Harbor."


  1. Kudos to Glynn and Ralph for nailing John Husted...BUSTED!!!!

  2. Ce Ce..... the PD asked "Is John Husted Tea Party?" They got an answer!

    I find it amazing Husted would claim to be a supporter of the Tea Parties when he refused to participate in any of the candidate forums our groups hosted unless he couldhave it his way. Sorry, this isn't the Burger King drive-thru!

    It appears Mr. Husted ONLY wanted to attend these events if his opponent was not present and he could speak to the group alone.

    When told no, his campaign played games then refused to return Marianne's (Mansfield TPP) calls.

    If candidate Husted is unwilling to field questions from Tea Party & 9.12 members with his opponent present -- will he or can he really be expected to stand up against ACORN as he claimes he will?

    The candidates must understand, the days of cookie-cutter debates and softball questions is over.

    Always believing in being fair.... there is a way Husted can put his money where his mouth is and show us by action he represents our values --

    When ORP endorsements were given out on 9/11 many in the Tea Party & 9.12 groups found it distasteful & offensive that the ORP would put partisan business in front of this obviously significant day in the history of our country.

    Many calls were placed asking;

    1.)No endorsements be given out and let the people decide for who they want to vote.

    2.)Postpone the endorsement meeting to a more appropriate day.

    So, if candidate Husted really embraces our values and is "one of us" he should without hesitation or thought return the endorsement he was given that day when we asked none be given.

    He does it and I'll be on that mountain top!


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