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Monday, June 26, 2017

Mayor Jackson proposes increase to minimum wage for Cleveland employees

Photo credit: Washington Retail Assoc.

Cleveland.com reports that Mayor Frank Jackson intends to raise the minimum wage for City employees, so that in order to

raise up the earning power of the bottom end of the workforce. 

The change would affect as many as 500 employees in a wide array of jobs, ranging from clerical and custodial staff to park and recreation workers to police and fire cadets. The workers are both full time and part time, union and non-union. 

InfoWars reports on the actual results of the city of Seattle’s decision to raise the minimum wage:

Helping the “forgotten man” was an important and successful message for President Donald Trump in his election campaign.

He tapped into the anxieties of many Americans who are struggling to find work and are watching as traditional industries disappear or are gobbled up by automation.

While some of this development has been natural, much has been artificially created by bad policies. In particular: the minimum wage.

A bombshell report was released Monday about the impact of minimum wage hikes in Seattle, Washington. The study, conducted by economists at the University of Washington, showed that minimum wage laws significantly decreased employment for lower-income workers.

Additionally, the report found that average hours for low-income employees had also declined since Seattle’s $13 minimum wage law began being implemented in 2015.

Another idea that sounds good at first, until you consider the consequences, both intended and unintended. Speaking of consequences, elsewhere we read that Jeff Bezos’s purchase of Whole Foods will be followed by replacing employees with robotics in the warehouse.
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