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Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Another reason to change the channel

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LeBron James and Stephen Curry may be bitter rivals when on court but the duo are in agreement when it comes to neither of their teams — the Cleveland Cavaliers or the Golden State Warriors — visiting the White House when one of them wins the NBA Championship in 2018.

The Cavaliers’ shooting guard was speaking on the day the Philadelphia Eagles were supposed to commemorate their Super Bowl win by visiting the White House. The visit was cancelled by President Donald Trump while he had the White House also accuse the players that were planning to skip the event of abandoning their fans.

James made it clear they have no intention of visiting the White House should his team win the NBA Finals and is certain the Warriors — their finals opponent for the fourth straight year — will also not be interested in making the trip to Washington.

"I mean, I know no matter who wins this series, no one wants the invite, anyways, so," James said, as quoted by Business Insider. “It won't be Golden State or Cleveland going."

This is particularly sad since we learned the other day from Money that, among other positive metrics, “black unemployment rate fell to 5.9% in May — the lowest since the government started keeping track in 1972.” That's good news. 

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