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Sunday, June 3, 2018

John Boehner speaks (for the Uniparty)

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John Boehner speaks (reported by Rick Moran at PJ Media):

The worst House speaker in perhaps the last 100 years says, "There is no Republican Party." Coming from the man who did more than most to destroy it, it seems ironic that he should complain.

"The Republican Party is kind of taking a nap somewhere," Boehner added. He should know all about that since, under his leadership, the GOP was snoozing while Obama enacted a radical, liberal agenda.
. . .
But is he right?

Depends what you mean when you say "Republican Party." If you mean the party of Ronald Reagan, Boehner is right. But Trump wasn't responsible for the death of Reagan Republicanism. That honor goes to George W. Bush, whose "big government conservatism" led to political and economic disaster.

John Boehner was/is a member in good standing of the Uniparty. As Sundance pointed out earlier this year with respect to Speaker Paul Ryan:

Republicans did not want to win the majority position and face having to reveal their true UniParty agenda.

BTW, I got another fund-raising call the other day from the Republican National Committee. I decided to take the call instead of just hanging up. When the chap started in on his scripted message, I interrupted him to let him know that I was an angry conservative voter. For over seven years, the GOP has raised millions of dollars, and gained the House and Senate and White House, on their promises to repeal Obamacare. With majorities in both chambers of Congress, they have refused to repeal it. I repeated that bit, and that was the end of that phone call.

Read the rest of the report at PJ Media here.
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