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Friday, September 28, 2018

Steyn on Kavanaugh

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My God, the Senate is a vile and repellent institution, but even so it outdid itself yesterday. I almost vomited listening to that oleaginous Connecticut creep Blumenthal throwing in Kavanaugh's face the ancient Common Law caution on witness credibility: Falsus in uno, falsus in omnibus - false in one thing, false in everything.

Is there any man who could less credibly deploy that dictum than Blumenthal? A hollow little "stolen honor" fraudster who was false on one huge big thing - that he served in Vietnam when he never went near the joint - but yet expects to be taken seriously on everything else. That was Kavanaugh's only misstep, not flinging that phrase back in his pompous halfwit interrogator's face. Other than that, he gave a raw, impassioned performance so freakishly authentic by US Senate terms that it may have saved the day. We shall know in a few hours.

Full column is here.
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