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Monday, September 24, 2018

Cuyahoga County Council Votes tomorrow

This follows up earlier blogposts here  from our friends at Ohio Value Voters. On Tuesday, September 25th at 5:00 pm the County Council of Cuyahoga County, Ohio will hear public testimony against Ordinance No. O2018-0009 sponsored by: County Executive Budish and Councilmembers Brady, Miller, Houser and Simon and the VOTE will take place.


Event date:  Tuesday, September 25, 2018 - (5:00 PM)
Arrive about ½ hour early.
Address:  2079 East 9th Street, 4th Floor (corner of East 9th & Prospect).

There is free parking across the street in the 900 Tower Prospect Street garage. Proceed north on 9th Street, turn right on Prospect and the parking garage will be on the right hand side. If you park on level 5 in the garage, the bridge connects you to level 4 of the Cuyahoga County Administrative Building. Remember to get your ticket validated at the security check point.
  • Your attendance at the meeting does not require you to speak. You will send a message with your presence.
  • Speakers should write-out testimony to be presented to the council
  • No signs in the council chambers
  • Speakers direct comments to entire council (not individuals)
  • Sign-in sheet at beginning of meeting is required to speak
  • Speakers are allowed three minutes
  • No posters
Here is a link to the outrageous ordinance==>Ordinance 2018-0009

AT 5:00 PM

The Cuyahoga County Council has been working to establish a county-wide "Human Rights Commission" that will affect every city, resident, business, and church in the county.  The three-person commission is intended to hear ALL cases of discrimination in Cuyahoga County relative to sexual orientation/gender identity.  LGBT citizens will be provided legal assistance paid for by our tax dollars.  This piece of legislation hurts business, puts our safety at risk, and punishes people of faith. This ordinance permits biological men, who consider themselves to be a woman, to enter a woman's bathroom or locker room in "all places of public accommodation."

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