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Saturday, September 15, 2018

#WalkAway Campaign


image credit:breitbart.com 

Maybe you know one or two liberals who are having second thoughts about the Democratic party platform, tactics, and Big Government values (the opposite of Tea Party values). If so, this information will be of interest.

The organizer: actor, singer, hair stylist Brandon Straka.

The #WalkAway event: The march and rally will be held Saturday, Oct. 27. The event will start near the Democratic National Committee headquarters building on Capitol Hill and end on the lawn of the Capitol. The date is 10 days before the midterm congressional elections.

On May 26, Straka released a video of himself explaining why he was walking away from the Democratic Party and building a platform for folks who shared similar experiences. Mr. Straka can use all the help he can get, since a few days ago, his Facebook page was suspended for 30 days but then suddenly reinstated under questionable circumstances. 

The full report on the October 27 #WalkAway rally in DC is here. We Tea Party members welcome any #WalkAway red-pill takers into our community.

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