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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Sherrod Brown votes to continue to waste taxpayer dollars

Today, the Senate voted on the “Gregg Amendment” No. 2361.


This amendment would have stopped the use of stimulus money for “self-congratulatory signage” which allows the Federal government to “promote spending of taxpayers’ dollars on stimulus projects”; you’ve probably seen the signs along some of our local highways.

Senator Gregg stated that the cost of these signs could be between $6-20 million.

The final vote was 52 against this amendment; 45 for the amendment (2 did not vote—Senators from WVA).

Can you guess how our wonderful Senators voted?

Brown voted against, Voinovich voted for the amendment.

Question (which we intend to email Mr. Brown about): Why is it necessary to continue to waste taxpayer’s money on these signs?

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