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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Help State Sen. Grendell STOP Corrupt Public Employees from Further Fleecing OH Residents

The one State Senator willing to stand for something and the one we can continually count on as truly being a voice for OH residents down in Columbus is again fighting to protect our best interest.

A strong supporter of the Cleveland Tea Party Patriots & our friend, State Senator Tim Grendell, unlike many other elected officials, see's a problem or something wrong and he acts. Grendell wants to close the loophole in OH law allowing some elected officials & public employees convicted of corruption from collecting thier pensions.

State legislators passed the pension forfeiture law last year following a series of public scandals ranging from Ohio Gov. Bob Taft and Coingate to an embezzling downstate sheriff. The crimes triggering forfeiture include bribery, a pattern of corrupt activity and theft in office.

But it appears most of the eight public employees found guilty so far in the federal probe have jobs that do not fall within the scope of the state forfeiture law. Only J. Kevin Kelley could be affected -- and only because of his role as an elected Parma school board member, not in his position with the Cuyahoga County engineer's office.

Convicted employees must hold jobs of sufficient importance to lose their pensions. Positions include elected officials, members of boards or commissions appointed by the governor or attorney general, public employees required to file disclosure statements with the state, prosecutors and law directors, as well as local and state police.

"You're trying to get the guys who can improperly benefit from the use of public funds," Grendell said. (Cleveland.com)

Speaking on the Bob Frantz Show the other evening, Senator Grendell urged everyone to contact your State Senator and ask they join him in sponsoring this legislation.

You can find your State Senators contact information by clicking here.

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