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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Joe Biden Coming to Cleveland

Like Santa... Joe Biden is coming to town! Well Obama would be Santa -- Biden would be like Joe the Elf --but close enough and you get the point.

Biden will be in town to attend a fund raiser for Rep. John Boccieri and Rep. Zack Space. I trust these two do not need an introduction.
Here's one measure of how worried Democratic strategists are about next fall's congressional elections: Freshman Rep. John Boccieri of Alliance and second-termer Zack Space of New Philadelphia are telling supporters that Vice President Joe Biden will be raising money for them in Cleveland on Oct. 26th. (Cleveland.com)

Being the gracious hosts that we are here in Cleveland-- of course we will give them a warm welcome!

Clear your calendar for that date and stay tuned for details.


  1. Why are they coming to Cleveland to raise money for Reps who aren't even from our area/districts? They should go to Boccieri/Space districts and steal their money, not Cleveland!!!

    Something else must be up for them to come to Cleveland--maybe to "kiss butt" of the County Commishes and to prop up the Dem party hear (amidst all the corruption)???

  2. because they can't raise money in the conservative districts they represent. And in Cuyahoga County the GOP gives as much money to the Democrat candidates and causes as the democrats do.


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