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Friday, October 16, 2009

October Surprise Rally at the Cleveland Clinic



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Tea Party Patriot October Surprise

In the next few weeks, Tea Party Patriots will challenge you to keep our republic. It is going to take effort, energy, time, and commitment. It is a multi-prong approach that involves protests, faxes, and visits to Congressional Offices both in DC and at local offices.

The focus of the October Surprise will be asking our Senators and Congressmen to vote NO on government takeover of health care and NO on Cap and Trade. The October Surprise is intended to get the media saying, my god they're back, bigger than ever and where are they coming from?

Last Thursday, in an emergency conference call, over 100 national and local Tea Party Patriot organizers around the country unanimously supported a recent proposal to hold new week long rallies in over 650 cities around the country.

On October 19th, in unison with our fellow Tea Party Patriot groups holding these rallies across the country, the Cleveland Tea Party Patriots will send our message & host our rally at the world famous -- Cleveland Clinic.
Tell your friends & neighbors -- invite your own doctor to attend the rally! This is the start of the final push towards government run health care. This is NOT the health care reform we need or the kind of health care reform most Americans want. As Americans, it our duty & responsibility to stop the hijacking of our country! This can only be done with your help!

Regarding the health care battles in D.C., the administration said today, "We' re not tired......we' re just getting started." Let's meet this challenge head on with a huge crowd at the Cleveland Clinic and send the message back -- "Neither are the Tea Party Patriots -- so bring it on!"

For more information, sign ideas, or setting up car pools go to the Forum section on our website (Click Here). For more information on the current Tea Party Patriot Health Care Action Alerts (Click Here).

This rally is being hosted by the Cleveland, Lake County, Geauga County, Lorain County & Medina County Tea Party Patriot groups.

See you on Monday!

The Cleveland Tea Party Patriots

A Non-Partisan, Non-Profit Grass Roots Organization

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