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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Catching President Obama in a lie 40 Likeminded Democrats’ Will Vote to Kill Health Bill if it Doesn’t Get Floor Vote on Pro-Life Amendment

Again showing they will do and say anything to pass a version of socialized health care, we have the so-called bastion of integrity, President Obama, now caught in a hair splitting lie...
Rep. Bart Stupak (D.-Mich.) told CNSNews.com that President Barack Obama told him in a telephone conversation that when he said in his Sept. 9 speech to a joint session of Congress that “under our plan no federal dollars will be used to fund abortions” he was not talking about the actual bill drafted in the House but about the president’s own health care plan—which has never been written.

Can somebody call Rep. Charlie Wilson -- he may have a couple words about this!

Seeing that he has been lied to, Rep. Stupak is throwing in a well needed monkey wrench of the plans for ramming any version of the Health Care bill through the House....

Rep. Bart Stupak (D.-Mich.) told CNSNews.com yesterday that he has organized a group of “about 40 likeminded Democrats” who will vote to kill the health-care bill if House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D.-Calif.) does not allow a floor vote on his amendment to prohibit federal funds from going to insurance plans that cover abortion.

Under Stupak’s plan, the approximately 40 Democrats in his camp would join with all House Republicans in voting to defeat the special House “rule” that would set the terms for debating and amending the health-care bill on the House floor when it is brought up for a final vote. If a majority of the House does not first vote to approve this rule, the health-care bill itself cannot be brought to the floor. (Click here for video).

If this is pulled off and these Democrats are joined by all the House Republicans they will have the 218 votes needed to kill the bill in the House.

We work on getting the names of the 40 House members so calls of support can be made to their offices. But this shows that everyday we keep these bills from moving closer to PBO's desk, more and more people are coming out against the way these bills are being cobbled together with half truths and lies.

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