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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Patriot Alert: Left is Pushing House Members for Public Option


We all know NOW is crunch time if we are going to stop a government take over of our health care system. Proving the administration is worried, we see them attacking anyone, from the insurance companies and the U. S. Chamber of Commerce, that is not supportive of their now estimated at $1 Trillion effort of further destroying our economy with government run health care.

I do not know how much more clear this could be... if we do not make little sacrifices and attend the rallies hosted by Tea Party Patriot groups, if we do not make the calls and send the letters to the 13 Senators and ask to vote for No Cloture (click here), if we do not pressure the Blue Dogs in the House (click here), if we do not continue this fight with every once of energy we have -- you can be sure -- the government will take over our health care system much like they did many of the banks and auto industry.

We want to thank fellow Tea Party Patriot and 9.12 member Paula for sending us this link from a Daily KOS blogger about a post on Open Left urging progressives to contact targeted House members.

From Open Left --

I am receiving new information tonight that the House DOES NOT have 218 "solid' yes votes for health care reform with a Medicare +5% public option. Representative John Larson's claim earlier today that the House had the votes appear to have included at least 12, and as many as 15, Representatives who are "lean yes" votes.

Further, I am told that if the leadership does not confirm 218 "solid" yes votes by the end of the 9:30 a.m. Democratic caucus meeting tomorrow morning, they will probably include the negotiated rate public option in the bill that is sent to the floor, not the Medicare +5% public option. At the very latest, we have until 2 p.m. to get the votes.

Lean Yes:

Ron Klein (FL-22): 202-225-3026, 561-544-6910
Dennis Moore (KS-03): 202-225-2865, 913-621-0832, 913-383-2013
Stephen Lynch (MA-09): 202-225-8273, 617-428-2000
Bob Etheridge (NC-02): 202-225-4531, 919-829-9122, 919-829-9122
Dina Titus (NV-3): 202-225-3252, 702-387-4941
John Boccieri (OH-16): 202-225-3876, 330-489-4414
Steve Driehaus (OH-1): 202-225-2216, 513-684-2723
Charles Wilson (OH-06): 202-225-5705, 740-633-5705, 330-533-7250
Christopher Carney (PA-10): 202-225-3731, 570-585-9988, 570-327-1902
John Sprat (SC-05): 202-225-5501, 803-327-1114
Ruben Hinojosa (TX-15): 202-225-2531, 956-682-5545, 361-358-8400
Solomon Ortiz (TX-27): 202-225-7742, 956-541-1242, 361-883-5868


Marion Berry (AR-1): 202-225-4076, 501-843-3043, 870-972-4600
Gabrielle Giffords (AZ-8): 202-225-2542, 520-459-3115, 520-881-3588

Dennis Cardoza (CA-18): 202-225-6131, 209-383-4455, 209-527-1914 Allen Boyd (FL-02): 202-225-5235, 850-561-3979
Melissa Bean (IL-8): 202-225-3711, 847-517-2927
Joe Donnelly (IN-2): 202-225-3915, 574-288-2780
Brad Ellsworth (IN-8): 202-225-4636, 812-465-6484, 812-232-0523
Baron Hill (IN-09): 202-225-5315, 812-336-3000, 812-288-3999
Mike McIntyre (NC-7): 202-225-2731, 910-323-0260, 910-735-0610
Curt Schraeder (OR-05): 202-225-5711, 503-588-9100
Jason Altmire (PA-04): 202-225-2565, 724-378-0928
Lincoln Davis (TN-04): 202-225-6831, 931-490-8699, 931-473-7251
Bart Gordon (TN-06): 202-225-4231, 615-896-1986
Glenn Nye (VA-2): 202-225-4215, 757-326-6201
Zachary Space (OH-18): 202-225-6265, 330-364-4300, 740-779-1636

Lean No:

Artur Davis (AL-07): 202-225-2665, 205-254-1960, 334-877-4414 Harry Mitchell (AZ-05): 202-225-2190, 480-946-2411
Jim Costa (CA-20): 202-225-3341, 661-869-1620, 559-495-1620 Ike Skelton (MO-04): 202-225-2876, 816-228-4242, 573-635-3499
Heath Shuler (NC-11): 202-225-6401, 828-252-1651
Tim Holden (PA-17): 202-225-5546, 717-234-5904, 610-921-3502 John Tanner (TN-08): 202-225-4714, 731-423-4848, 731-885-7070
Rick Boucher (VA-9): 202-225-3861, 276-628-1145

Notice the House members from OH leaning yes and one undecided! We must melt their fax machines and shut down their phone systems with calls!

If we are going to win, and I believe we can, we must stop 'talking' about our Founding Fathers and start making the sacrifices they made on our behalf! The future of our country and our children are depending on us.

Hope to see you this Monday 10/26/09 from 3pm - 5:30pm at the Health Care Rally at the Cleveland Clinic II. Click here for more details.

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