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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Cloture Vote on Health Care was a Historical Hijacking of the Political Process

By this time we are all aware of the shenanigans with the health care bill in the Senate yesterday

"We the People" -- not just conservatives, Tea Party Patriots and 9.12 members, but the American public as a whole should be outraged by the way the votes for this procedural motion took place. This wasn't a legitimate vote on moving the Senate Bill forward -- this was an unmatched historical highjacking of the political process!

Notice how not only did they "buy" the votes from another elected idiot from Louisiana, the deciding vote was from Kennedy's old seat. The same seat they changed the rules so they could give it to a democrat -- former Democratic National Committee Chairman Paul Kirk -- anticipating the need for every vote they could muster for this health care chicanery.

So by buying off Rep. Cao in the House, Landrieu in the Senate and stealing the appointment of the MA Senate seat for the 60th vote they got the bill on the Floor. Was this a transparent victory on good policy and political partisanship? Not hardly.... this mockery was more like a move out of the Politboro.

Keeping in step with parliamentary procedure maybe "We the People" should 'move' that the White House be temporarily renamed -- The Red Shed on the Hill.

Can I get a "Second"?

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