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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Reid wavering on Health Care Reform Time Frame

Caught leaving a private meeting with his fellow Democrats, Sen. Harry Reid began backtracking on the Senate passing any health care reform legislation this year....
The Senate Democratic leader indicated Tuesday that lawmakers may not complete health care legislation this year, missing President Barack Obama's deadline on his signature issue and pushing debate into a congressional election year.

Asked if he could pass health care this year, Reid said: "We're not going to be bound by any timelines. We need to do the best job we can for the American people. We want quality legislation, and we're going to do that."

Reid said he was awaiting a final analysis of the legislation from the Congressional Budget office, a time-consuming process that makes it unlikely the Senate would begin debate before Veterans' Day, Nov. 11. With scores of amendments, Senate debate could take weeks. (Yahoo News)

For all the people that think their efforts of making calls and writing letters/faxes are for nothing... you are now seeing the effect they are having --- they are causing indecison within the democrat Senators. This can be considered a small daily victories.

Understand something..... our elected officials are very good at one thing -- staying in power. Self-preservation is one of the strongest character traits a politician has, so much in fact, that most of the time there is no room left for integrity. Making them feel vulnerable is the key in winning this battle. Our letters, faxes, emails, etc... are the tools we use. They may support every single word in the Senate bull, but will not sacrifice their relection and support a government take over of health care.

Reids backtracking on PBO's timetable shows the senate bill is in question. Again, our calls, letters, faxes, emails & visits raises these questions. With our continued pressure, pending the CBO report, we may very well get a standing 8-count for the year.

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